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Health cares bill may cut deeper for Democrats and Republicans

While President Obama prepares to sign off on reforms that will change US health care as we know it, the bill–which was passed by the House of Representatives on last week– may widen the rift between the Democratic and Republican party. 11 state attorneys have threatened to take legal action that would keep certain aspects of the bill from being implemented and are supported by conservative activists. While Democrats are hailing this as a resurgence in the beliefs of President’s Obama’s effectiveness in his presidency, they are also hoping that the implementation of the bill will aid them come mid-term elections in November.

However, many Republicans expressed their dissent towards the bill even before it was signed, claiming that it infringes on citizens’ constitutional rights. The health care bill was bound to cause conflict– it is the first piece of legislation to pass without a single vote of support from the opposition (the Republican party) in40years.The biggest issue for Republicans? The excessive costs of the package. With the 2010 congressional elections coming, this bill signals a significant loss for the Republican party. However, in the wake of it, we can expect that both parties will be taking partisan lobbying to a new level.

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